Monday, July 11, 2005


A good idea. It can be extended easily to make training programs on those topics where a iPod user uses iPod. Checkout : iPod personal trainer to know about the new training program.

But yeah, its limited to image enabled iPod. So it serves a limited customer space.

Also, it would be very simple to make such kind of small kindergarten softwares.

Logitech debuts new headphone

Check out : Logitech . Look at the images and I am already drooling at these headphones, they seem to be pretty costly but looks "wow".

If the color matches, they would look great with iPod.

Also to mention, Earphones which are by default given with iPod are very painful. I think Apple should reconsider given good headphones or they will have to pay sooner or later.

Go back to the History

One more of iPod image series is going to start today.
I am collecting good images on iPod, specially related to history.
Here goes few of them:

As a technology person, you love to see einstein do funny things. This is my
"Pic of the day"

He looks smart, isn't it. I am sure he will be missing it :P

Looks very much natural. Except for the color. If iPod and statue would have been of the same color, I would have gone crazy over it.

iPod sales

I had enough, I got sick of bunch of news articles in past few days which mentions the downturn of sales of iPod. But I really found the article iPod's sales in trouble very interesting and knowledgeable. This article gives a very good insight into how does sales of iPod can effect different electronic markets like NAND mentioned in the article.

Good thing is , if Apple has a lot of stuff in its yard then, you better don't buy iPod now.